Advent Special Challenge finale

Jesus Youth Germany Advent Calender 2021

The Advent Special Challenge finale registration form is given below. Before filling it out, kindly read through the terms and conditions provided.

By filling the form, the user agrees to the terms and conditions provided.

If you have any concerns or queries regarding the Advent Challenegs or the finale, contact us at or call +491779134795.

Disclaimer: Jesus Youth Deutschland (registered as Jesus Youth Deutschland e.V.) does not and will not in anyway promote or appreciate unhealthy competitiveness among its members. The special advent challenges were carried out to promote Christmas Spirit and the prizes are meant to be an appreciation rather than a promotion of competitive spirit.

1. Only one registration is considered from a family/household. If multiple registrations occur only the last/latest will be considered. This in turn will reflect on the final standing on the leaderboard.

2. The special prize is awarded to the first person on the leaderboard. It is strictly on a first come first serve basis.

3. The final decisions on all matters regarding the prize and conduct of this program comes under a jury of eight jurors consisting of the coordinatior of JY Deutschland, a National team member and JYs from 6 different regions of Deutschland. Their decision is final and may not be appealed.

4. A flier with winner’s photo may be circulated through WhatsApp groups related to Jesus Youth or its affiliates and friends, through Facebook posts related to Jesus Youth or posted in Jesus Youth’s Instagram pages. The participants can opt out of this during filling the form. If not opted out, a participant agrees to the usage of their Photo and Name for this purpose.

5. There is an option to upload a recent photo along with submitting the form. If no photo is uploaded and the participant has not opted out of the usage of photo, the participant is allowing Jesus Youth Deutschland to use his/her/their photo in records or to use the public Profile picture from any of their social media accounts. Jesus Youth Deutschland may not be held responsible for any actions arising from this usage.

* The Advent Special Challenge finale is only available on 25th December, 2021 (Saturday) from 00:01-23:59. Only the registrations made during this time will be considered for prizes.

If a recent photo is attached below, it will be used instead of what we have in files/records.
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