Roses to Carmel

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Journey Begins....

Cologne Cathedral

Journey of 92.6 km worth of Rosary.

Mary, Untier of Knots

Journey of 554.6 km worth of Rosary.


Journey of 701.6 km worth of Rosary.


Journey of 951.6 km worth of Rosary.


Journey of 1646 km worth of Rosary.


Journey of 3219 km worth of Rosary.


Journey of 4431 km worth of Rosary.

Jordan, Sea of Galilee, Nazerath

Journey of 4647 km worth of Rosary.

Mount carmel

Journey of 4680 km worth of Rosary.

Journey completed.

Proposed Route

Timeline of Our Journey

June 16 Kevelaer, Germany
Journey Begins

On 16th June the pilgrimage started from Kevelaer in North-West of Germany towards the Holy mount of Carmel in Israel.

June 18 Köln, Germany
Cologne Cathedral

The pilgrimage reached its first stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. The calmness of this huge Cathedral in the centre of a busy city inspires us to pray amidst our busy schedules.

June 24 Augsburg, Germany
Mary, Untier of Knots

The pilgrimage reached its second stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. Lets seek intercession from Our Lady, Undoer of knots to remove all obstacles in our journey to Mount Carmel.

June 25 Altötting, Germany
Chapel of Grace

The pilgrimage reached its third stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. The Black Madonna represents the fire inside every pilgrim who takes St. Jame's Way or Benedict Trail to reach the Chapel.

June 26 Mariazell, Austria
Mariazell Basilica

The pilgrimage reached its fourth stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. Lets take inspiration from the Benedictine monk Magnus of Mariazell and put our needs before Jesus through Blessed Virgin Mary.

July 1 Međugorje, Bosnia

The pilgrimage reached its fifth stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. Lets pray to Our Lady of Međugorje to intercede for the successful completion of the pilgrimage. May the Queen of Peace empower and help us in being a true pilgrim of Christ.

July 9 Ephesus, Turkey
Church of Councils /Ancient Church of Mary

The pilgrimage reached its sixth stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. Lets pray to Theotokos, an Eastern title of Virgin Mary, who is revered in the ancient Church here where multiple Councils took place in the early stages of Christianity, to oversee the pilgrimage.

July 12 Damascus, Syria
Our Lady of Soufanieh

The pilgrimage reached its seventh stop on its journey to Mount Carmel. Lets seek the intercession of Mother Mary so we encounter her beloved son Jesus Christ just as St. Paul did when we travel across Damascus.

July 14 Israel
Holy Land

The pilgrimage entered the Holy Land of Israel and progresses to Mount Carmel. As we pass through many pilgrimage centres in Israel like Jerusalem, Nazareth, Sea of Galilee, etc. lets pray for infilling of Holy Spirit, our helper to let us understand the scripture and know Jesus more through our devotion in Blessed Virgin Mary.

July 16 Mount Carmel, Israel
Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Roses to Carmel comes to a fruitful completion on the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Let us surrender ourselves to the Blessed Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel and seek her intercession throughout our lives.

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