Commitment/Recommitment Day Registration Portal

Jesus Youth Germany Commitment Day 2022

Jesus Youth across the globe celebrates Re-/Commitment Day. It is a time when we take “a visible commitment that becomes clear to us and evident to others that we are a part of Jesus Youth movement and are willing to follow its lifestyle”. We take commitment to the following three elements:

  1. To live the Jesus Youth Lifestyle – by practising the six pillars.
  2. To make a genuine attempt to pray the Daily prayer of a Jesus Youth.
  3. To be open to undergo the formations offered by the movement.

This year the Recommitment Day in Germany would be celebrated on 6th June, 2022 (Monday) in Hamburg, Köln and Mannheim. Someone from the organising team will contact you and provide further details once you have registered below.

Select recommitment if you have commited as a Jesus Youth in previous year/s.
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