Advent Special Challenge finale

Jesus Youth Germany Advent Calender 2021

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Advent Special Challenge finale:

Congrats to all who have completed the Advent challenges provided by Jesus Youth Deutschland. This finale is intended for all those who have completed all three special Sunday challenges made available during last three advent Sundays. 

If you have completed the three special challenges and obtained the complete password, you can use that to access a hidden page in Jesus Youth Deutschland website. It will have the address 


The password consist of 9 alphanumeric characters, 3 of each were inside the Special Sunday Challenge PDFs made available during Advent Challenges. Combining all 3 gives the password for finale. This was made clear within the PDFs itself. 

For instance if hypothetically the password inside PDF 1 was “abc”, PDF 2 was “def” and PDF 3 was “ghi”, you could access the finale page on

* The Advent Special Challenge finale is only available on 25th December, 2021 (Saturday) from 00:01-23:59.